#Divasdoingbusiness: Lindsay Litterini

#Divasdoingbusiness: Lindsay Litterini

Tuesdays are for tastebuds, right? Today we’re talking sugar & spice with a fellow girl boss and custom creator of Whoos Your Baker. You may have recently noticed our #DivasDoingBusiness cookie favors from our event a few weeks ago. Sugar Cookie Extraordinaire Lindsay Litterini has the recipe to success and it all stemmed from her late grandmother’s sugar cookie recipe. This week we’re savoring our sweet side and chatting one-on-one with the locally owned cookie business that’s been all the rave.

Q: When did you start Whoos Your Baker? When did you find your talent in baking?

I started Whoo’s Your Baker officially in December 2015. Though, I have been creating custom decorated cookies since 2012. The unique recipe belonged to my late grandmother, Lucille. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom instilled the love of baking in me as she would spend time with my sister and I during every holiday or special occasion decorating cookies. Although I owe all of my passion for decorated sugar cookies to my mom, I think she would also agree that the teacher has truly become the student. It was not until 2009 that I found my own talent in creating the custom designs that I am known for now. It all started when I received a set of decorator bottles as a free gift with an order from Pampered Chef. I am proud to say that the skills I display in my cookies are all self-taught.
“I learn everything I know through experimenting with new tools and techniques that I read in tutorials and well-known “cookiers” that I follow on social media.”

Q: What do you love about sugar cookies?

I love sugar cookies most because each cookie is hand crafted. The recipe that I use has been in my family for many years and the recipe is not overwhelmingly sweet and stays soft due to its unique, secret recipe ingredient.

Q: What’s the best part of your job?

The best part about being a baker is that its nearly impossible to disappoint someone. Who does not love a cookie? All jokes aside, I really enjoy the creativity I get to express through designing each new set of cookies.

Q: What do you love about working in Pittsburgh?

Anyone who has met me knows that I love Pittsburgh and I love an epic Pittsburgh Cookie Table. The best part about working as a baker in Pittsburgh is that it is hard to come by someone who does not have a passion for cookies in the city of Black and Gold, and I truly love being a part of any celebration that involves a custom decorated cookie or a Pittsburgh Cookie Table!

Q: Is baking something you want to do forever?

My current business goal is a simple one and includes becoming more well-known and growing the Whoo’s Your Baker customer base. Since baking is not my full-time job currently, I still hope to be able to have a small store front bakery some day! One thing that I know for sure is that I will never be able to stop baking and decorating a custom set of cookies for special occasions.

Q: Anything exciting coming up for business?

Recently I had the honor of being a part of the Women Rock Pittsburgh fundraiser for Dress for Success Pittsburgh. Donations were requested to be a part of the 3,000+ cookie table and to take part in a taste competition. The results have not been announced yet, but I really enjoyed creating a custom designed set of cookies that was inspired by the Dress for Success mission.
“The great thing about owning a custom decorated cookie business is that every order poses a new challenge and I consider that to be one of the most exciting things about it!”
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