Tips on Entertaining in Your Home This Holiday Season

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Inviting the in-laws over this holiday season for the first time? Did you just move into a new home and want to have everyone for Thanksgiving dinner? Will you be celebrating at Christmastime with your large extended family? We put together some entertaining tips perfect to have on hand in your home this upcoming holiday season.

Be strategic about the menu

Do as much as possible ahead of time. In smaller homes with just one oven, it’s ideal to serve a salad or cold appetizer to help your guests stay full if you’re waiting for things to come out of the oven.

Figure out a place to keep coats and purses

Store winter weather items like coats, hats and gloves in a place out of the way, like a bedroom or a spare corner of your closet should you have one.

Serve upward

Here’s a great idea for those with smaller counter spaces—serve upward with tiered plates. Not only does it look fancier, it saves a ton of space in the long run allowing for more food and fun.

Make sure everyone knows where the trash is

Things can get dicey—and dirty—with everyone leaving cups, plates and napkins everywhere if they are unsure of where your trash can or recycling bin is. Leave it in plain sight and it’ll save you tons of cleanup afterward.

Use battery-powered candles

If you’re planning on having children and pets over for the holidays, battery-powered candles are your best friend. It eliminates and potential dangers and allows for lots of ambiance in the meantime.

Create a flow

If your home has a gorgeous living room and you want to show it off, consider setting up your appetizers and bar near or in there.

Serve dinner buffet style

Save lots of room by setting up a buffet perfect for grabbing dinner then sitting down at a large, clutter-free dining room table.




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