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Guest post: So much to be thankful for

Posted by Lauren Klein on November 23, 2016  /  in Buyers, Testimonials  /  Comments off

Have I ever told you how grateful I am for all of my clients? Not only do they trust me to guide them through the major financial transaction of buying or selling real estate, they also allow me into a very special snapshot of their lives. I love that; it never gets old. This guest post is by Sara Smith who along with her husband, Ryan, purchased a home with me this fall. Thank you for sharing your experience, Sara! And to everyone, I wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

My husband and I are native Pittsburghers. We love so many things about this city: the diversity of activities it offers; its relatively small, quaint size; and the robust public-transit options it has. We knew this was where we wanted to set down our roots with the purchase of our first home.

What we didn’t know, however, was how to get started. We had spent many months looking at homes online, poring over tons of pictures and deciding together what it was we were looking for in a home. Turns out, we’re very particular! With what seemed like a daunting task ahead of us, we saw Lauren’s name on a for-sale sign in a yard and called her. That’s the first thing — on a list of many — for which I’m grateful!

From the beginning, Lauren was kind and reassuring. She helped us focus. She advised us to get pre-qualified and referred us to a banker that she knows. He treated us very well and got us one step closer than we were before.

With our pre-qualification in hand, it was time to start searching with Lauren. Three days before we started the search, my husband and I were spending some time with my young nephews. One of them drew a picture of our future “dream home.” It was complete with Ryan and I in the driveway along with our two dogs, Franklin and Odin. We loved his drawing, but at the time had no idea how much it actually predicted the future!


As it happens, the first house Lauren showed us was the one we ended up buying. She was also the listing agent for it, and we were the first and only people to whom she showed the house. She just knew that we would love it, and we certainly did. From the moment we walked in the door, it felt like home. It had been well maintained and updated, and it even had a sound-proof room in the basement that the seller used as a music studio. One of the things on Ryan’s wish list, though I don’t think he ever actually thought we’d find it, was a music studio! It felt like it was all meant to be.

With Lauren’s help, we navigated the closing process and got the keys to our Monroeville home on Sept. 19. It was a perfect gift to us both to celebrate our first wedding anniversary, which had been on Aug. 1!

After we moved our things into our new home, my nephew’s drawing resurfaced. We looked at it again…and were floored. He had drawn our home!


We are hugely grateful to Lauren. She did so much more than “help” us. She joined us at a critical time in our lives, giving reassurance and sound advice. In the end, she made our dream come true. We’re so excited to celebrate our first of many Thanksgivings together in our beautiful home.

Thank you, Lauren!

When the best REALLY IS the best

Posted by Chris Klein on September 19, 2016  /  in Blog, Buyers, Sellers, Testimonials  /  Comments off

Lauren’s talent and dedication to her clients constantly amaze me. Her reviews are always such a pleasure to read, and this one was too good not to share. I thought I’d turn it into a guest post for the blog. I want to thank Jason for taking the time to share his kind words for Lauren; they mean a lot to us.

When the best REALLY IS the best

By Jason Beattie

At the beginning of this year, my wife, Alicia, and I knew that we had some big real estate transactions in our near future. Our 5-year-old son, Mason, is an active guy, and we were quickly outgrowing our first home. On top of that, kindergarten was coming up in the fall. Our dream was to be in the Plum School District because of the fantastic schools for Mason, so we decided we’d start looking for a great real estate agent who could help us sell our Pittsburgh home and buy a new one within our limited timeframe.

We found Lauren on Zillow, where she came up as a preferred agent. Looking at all her reviews and numbers, it was clear that she was the best choice. But I was leery. Sometimes working with the best really isn’t the best; I worried she’d be so busy with all her clients that she wouldn’t have time to give us the guidance and support we knew we’d need.

I can say unequivocally that all those reservations disappeared after our initial interview with Lauren. She was so prepared, knowledgeable and approachable, we knew she’d be our agent even before the meeting was over. We hired her, and it was the best decision we could have possibly made.

The first step was to sell our house. Lauren was brilliant and fair in her advice, telling us exactly what our house was worth and at which price point it would not only sell, but sell quickly. She could not have been more spot-on, and our house sold in five days. It was unbelievable.


From there we had to find our new home. The fourth house we looked at with Lauren was the one we fell in love with. From the moment we walked through the door, we knew it was where we were meant to be. But putting the deal together proved difficult, and had it not been for Lauren’s impressive knowledge, consummate professionalism and unwavering dedication, we would have lost our dream home.

The difficulties began when our home inspector (a top-notch referral from Lauren) found several major system repairs that the home needed in order to be a safe place for our family. The seller was cash-strapped and unable to make the repairs that we knew we needed. Their agent floundered, and the deal began to unravel. In came Lauren with her broad network of certified contractors, who agreed to make the repairs to the home and allow the sellers to pay them after the sale of the home. It was a win for everyone, and the deal went through. We were in our beautiful, safe home by May, giving us plenty of time to get settled and get Mason ready for kindergarten at a stellar school in the Plum School District.

For everything that Lauren did for us, we are forever grateful. I cannot possibly say enough about her endless knowledge, her professional connections, her kind demeanor and her never-ending responsiveness. She answered every question we had within minutes of receiving it; I’m not kidding. In my own job as a corporate banker, responsiveness to clients is of the utmost importance. I hold myself to the highest standards in that regard, and even according to my own standards Lauren put me to shame! She was truly amazing.

There is a reason Lauren has a reputation as the best, and frankly…it’s because she is. In her we found not only an irreplaceable real estate agent, we also found a friend. Someone we will remember and refer our closest friends and family to any time they need real estate guidance. When we have our housewarming party, she’ll be on the invite list! Thank you so much, Lauren!



Lauren Klein awarded 10 Best Honor in Client Satisfaction

Posted by Chris Klein on August 18, 2016  /  in Awards, Blog, News, Press, Testimonials  /  Comments off

It’s not hard to be proud of Lauren and all of her hard work as the Pittsburgh Property Diva. Every day I am amazed by her commitment to her clients and to top-notch customer service. Client after client gives Lauren the highest marks and compliments. Check it out for yourself here and here.

In 2015, Lauren was designated a Top 10 real estate agent in client satisfaction by the American Institute of Real Estate Professionals (AIOREP). This is an award that is given only to those real estate agents with a 10-out-of-10 client-satisfaction rating and NO negative feedback. Winners are nominated by their clients and/or peers and go through a rigorous review process, wherein the AIOREP considers their awards, sales volume, industry reputation and associations. They must be determined to be an industry leader and top-rated not only by clients but peers, as well.

I am so proud of Lauren for all of her hard work that earned her this prestigious award. You can read more about it in AIOREP’s news release.

Finally, thank you to all of Lauren’s clients for reviewing her so highly and for nominating her as a Top 10 real estate agent in client satisfaction.


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